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Our Goal

With so many businesses and individuals operating mostly, or even completely, online, it’s no wonder that many looking for knowledgeable passionate people to help keep them organized and to stay focused on important tasks.

We at OfficesSupport™ can be your reliable remote pc worker for your regular tasks or projects.

We can support clients by providing simple & creative services for individuals. More than the half of our clients are return and regular clients where their special requirements are met. Our goal is to provide fast and good service through simple order process.


Currently, we have a limited amount of employees. However, the different type of orders and scenarios that we can do is endless.

That can be work with MS Word or Excel, online & offline data entry or editing, graphic design, including logo design, and other design contests, web design, content management, keyword research, work with photos or make your photos sharper on your webpages, we can make changes on your static or dynamic CMS(WordPress) websites, menu edit, or add content on your site, 3D visualizations (V-ray) and much more.

Security and Confidentiality

We strive to maintain security procedures that are designed to protect your information and files. To reduce the chances of a malware infection, we use security software and practice good computer hygiene by using the latest versions of applications.

We maintain SSL-encrypted data transfer.

The use of information collected through our service shall be limited to the purpose of providing the service for which our Clients have engaged us.

About us

Our services is dedicated specifically for office workers or individuals who need help with an annoying or repetitive or just task that can’t be automated or task you don’t want to do.

We are not a Front or Back office support in traditional administrative or support roles.

Tasks can include working with data, documents, graphic & web design, web / print, internet and other kinds of work.

Note: We are not  MAC operating system team.

With more complex tasks requiring high cognitive demands or  specific knowledge of a different kind and industries, we can’t help.

More meaningful work

The main reason for which we built OfficesSupport™ is eliminating one of the menial tasks  office-people and customers in general have to perform each day. By doing away with small, repetitive and annoying tasks, we allow our users to do more of the things that matter.

How we work

Flat rate price – $11.00 / h

How to Order

The procedure of placing an order is absolutely clear and simple.

Send us your Materials, Files (if needed)

We allows customers to group all the materials and related files into a zip file and upload.

Upload/Text your detailed and clear instructions
Providing text instructions or upload a set of screenshots. (to give us more clarity)

We require an advance payment of 50% before accepting an order and the remaining 50% upon completion.

Make payment ($11.00 / h)
PayPal & Credit cards, or Bank transfer payment

After approval of payment, an order will be processed within 0-3 business days Monday-Friday, depending on Task complexity and our current workload.

Our goal is to provide fast and good service through simple order process

For regular customers

For regular customers, these conditions are simplified. You can send us your order/s through the contact form, by email and make direct payment (optional weekly pay periods) into our bank or PayPal account.

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