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A custom shopware theme

Several reason why a Custom Theme might be beneficial

We are often asked if it makes sense to buy a shopware template in the community store or order a new one theme here to create a unique look and brand for your needs.

The question can’t be answered at all

If you can find your dream shopware template and only have to make small changes, such as logo or a few minor theme adjustments, a finished shopware template is certainly a good alternative to your own e-shop development purposes.

However, this is rarely the case.

In most cases, the purchased shopware template should serve as a basis for further comprehensive work and adjustments.

However, in the long term creating a custom shopware template (Theme) can make them unique and a lot more useful and that makes sense.

In most cases, creating the theme with custom header and footer by your own screen designs is enough to meet your brand needs. This is the most commonly used approach for creating a custom shopware theme.

Extension of functions with plugins

You can add additional features for your own shopware via plugins. The plug-ins in the Shopware Community Store are usually developed and tested for the standard template or custom made theme by us without added additional features.

Additional features for you Shopware theme

This often results in the cost of adapting the plug-in templates. Less adaptations in the e-shop site means higher compatibility and less consequential costs. Here you can to find a good way between individuality and costs.


Certainly, there are also good reasons for custom made Shopware templates. We are also happy to customize your template to meet your design/brand needs.

The price

We really need to look at the complexity of the theme, its features, customizations etc. The design may be very graphically intense or its purpose quite involved.

For example, one custom made shopware theme involving new head and footer sections will costs about 350 €.
Simply put, we help you stand out from the crowd in the web world!

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Developing shopware logo

All Shopware sites that we develop include the following technical specifications:

Run on the shopware Platform, based on “Bare Theme” using the Mobile responsive layout “Responive”.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimized semantic coding compatible with the most recent web browser versions currently available
(we test with Chrome, Firefox, IExplorer, Safari and Opera).

What we need

Designing and developing custom web sites is our specialty.

What we need is something like Sketch, or PSD with the stability of Photoshop, with integrated elements in 4 different screen designs, see below. PSD format is a standard after all and it’ll stay that way for a while.

Prepared for responsive design – PSD

Keep in mind – Designing clean, functional and good looking layouts is an essential part.

Before you start designing, we need to plan out the requirements and functionality, looks the default shopware template directory (the /Themes directory in the root directory).

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Configuring the Viewport

The screen sizes – a device-width

Width: 480px (30em) – phone Landscape Viewport
Width: 768px (48em) – tablet Viewport
Width: 1024px (64em) – tablet Landscape Viewport
Width: 1260px (78.75emem) – desktop Viewport

From the initial design concepts and your screen designs to the final result, we will create a stunning shopware custom theme for your Shopware site to help you grow your e-business.

2 thoughts on “SHOPWARE Themes

  1. Fabian Reply

    shopware reponsive template (themes)
    I need a custom made template for e-commerce (Shopware version 5.1). the template should be reponsive, editable with the Shopware cms integreded styleedit. and like my design demand (file will be send to you, pls contact me at about)
    Fabian P.

  2. Martin K. Reply

    Neuer Shop, realisiert von mir mit Shopware, Template noch nicht angepasst, ist aber geplant schoen. Nun geht es darum, das individuelle Layout auf das Layout zu übertragen. Laufzeile mit logos and text im “Header” einsetzen? ein Schreiben gesendet.

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